Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil


Organic Pink Grapefruit essential oil is an absolutely amazing choice to help refresh and bring about a brighter mood. When mental fatigue is plaguing you, Organic Pink Grapefruit diffused or added to a personal inhaler can help. It can also be used in the mornings to give you a boost that will start your day off right. The sweet, tangy, citrus scent is the perfect mix.


Grapefruit essential oil is a natural energy booster and an effective antidepressant. There are many health promoting qualities including fighting inflammation, stimulating the immune system, suppressing appetite and cravings as well as being an excellent detoxifier.
In skincare it is good for preventing and managing acne. Grapefruit oil can reduce sebum production. It can cleanse the skin of oil, dirt, and dead cells, and allow the glands to drain well. The antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect can prevent infection and inflammation.

How To Use

Add 3 drops of Organic Pink Grapefruit and Sweet Orange, with 1 drop of Lime to your favorite aromatherapy diffuser, personal inhaler, or diffuser necklace to create a wonderful citrus blend that is refreshing and helps brighten the mood. Dilute to 1% with your favorite Plant Therapy carrier oil to help purify congested, oily, and blemish prone skin.
For skin care, organic pink grapefruit oil can cause photo sensitivity. To avoid this, we recommend a dilution no higher than 4% or 36 drops of oil per ounce of carrier oil. Pink Grapefruit can help with congested, oily skin that is prone to blemishes, relieve head or neck tension, and ease occasional digestive upset. Add it to your favorite hair care products to help.


Citrus x paradisi
Organic - USA


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